Mohammad Reza Masoumi



Mohammad Reza Masoumi


Mohammad Reza Masoumi

Mohammad Reza Masoumi

Born on August 8th, 1984

MA in Photography (second-class art badge from the Assessment Council of Artists)

Graduated from Repair and Restoration of Monuments and Historical Old Decay

Field of study Photographer and graphist

Referee of International Festival of the Beautiful Iran Photo (Gates of Paradise) in Alborz Province, 2015

Awards, Ranks and International Presences

The winner of Knack Award–Konokke Heist 2009

Gold Medal of Austria Trierenberg Festival 2011

Medal and letter of appreciation from the American Festival of Photojournalism 2011, Free Section

Medal and letter of appreciation from the American Festival of Photojournalism 2011, Human Emotions Section

Gold Medal of Serbia Society of Photography 2012, Serbia Child Festival

Gold Medal of the Society of American Photographers from Macedonia Komano Festival 2012, Monochrome Section

Presence among the Finalists of the International Sony Photo Festival in Art and Culture Sections

Introduction by Society of American photographers in the Journal of Who's Who in Photography, 2011

Gold Medal (appreciation by the jury) in Asahi Shimbon Festival in Japan, 2013 

The winner of Special Award of the Middle-East from Al-Sani Festival in Qatar, 2013

Gold Medal of Photography Academy in Color Section of Plovdiv Festival in Bulgaria, 2014

Honorary diploma in Black and White Section of Plovdiv Festival in Bulgaria, 2014

Gold Medal in Travel Section of Plovdiv Festival in Bulgaria, 2014

Specifically appreciated by the jury of Asahi Shimbon Festival in Japan, 2014

Gold Medal of the Society of Qatar Photographers from Al-Sani Qatar Festival, Austria 2014


Success in the Following Festivals

5 photos accepted in Knokke-heist Belgium Photo festival

54 photos accepted in Austria Trierenberg Festival under supervision of International Association of Photography and America Society of Photography

Color Projected Image Digital (CPID) in the US, 2011

EID from the US in two sections, i.e., Free and Creative, 2011

Travel Photo Competition in the US, 2011

Presence in all three sections, i.e., Color, Black and White and Creative Sections in Australia

Invited by the World Federation of Photography to hold a group festival for the 60th anniversary of FAIP

Group competition in the form of teams from a country with the subject of clothes of various races and nations, Belgium

2 photos accepted in Black and White Section in France Limorse Festival

5 photos accepted in Serbia Child Festival

11 works accepted in al-Sani Festival (Qatar, Austria)

5 works accepted in Budapest Photo Festival, Hungary

Accepted in both sections of Loving Earth in Dubai

4 works accepted in Alksinach Festival, Serbia

2 photos accepted Taichung Festival, China

2 works accepted in Northern Counties Festival of England

2 works accepted in Noisad Festival

3 works accepted in Komanoa Festival, Macedonia

5 works accepted in Bokavina Festival

Presence in the final section of Europe Child Photo Biannual

3 works accepted in UAE Photo Festival

National Awards and Ranks

Ranked first in the Social Documentary Photo Festival- The Eighth Photo Festival of Khorasan Razavi, 2007

Ranked the Second in Isfahan Province Press Festival, Design and Layout Section, 2007

Ranked first in Provincial Ashoora Mourning Photo Festival in Golestan Province, 2008

Winner of the Professional Section of Narration of Love National Photo Festival, Hajj Photo Competition, 2010

Appreciated by the Jury in Rasekhon Ashoora National Photo Festival, 2010

The best Artist in Golestan Province in 2010 Appreciated in Khazar to Persian Gulf Photo Festival, 2011

Second Rank in National Photo Festival of Seeking Meaning (the 17th anniversary of Iran Photographers House), 2011

Appreciation: The Hands Festival, Pro-Persia Site Winner of a trip to Karbala from Negah-e-Sorkh Ashoora National Festival, 2011

First Rank in Provincial Festival of Red Heart-Golestan Uprising, 2011

Third Rank in Ashoora National Festival in Shahid Rajaei University, 2011

Third Rank in the 14th Mashhad National Photo Festival, 2011

Three photos accepted in 12th Iran Biennial Photo Festival, 2012

Second Rank in Zanjan Ashoora Photo Festival, 2012

The winner of Mashhad Ashoora Mourning Photo Festival, 2012

The winner of Tabriz Firouzeh Photo Festival in Architecture Section, 2014

Second Rank in Isfahan Firouzeh Frames Festival (Isfahan Beautiful Manifestations)

Selected in the Following National Festivals

The Sixth Growth Photo Festival, Photo Festival with the theme Man (Mahriz), Architecture and Spirituality (Utopia), Photo of the Year (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), Selected Photos in 2010 .net Camera, Selected Photos in Online Photo of the Year Festival (2010), Rasekhon (2009), Iranian Carpet (2009), Tabriz Turquoise (2008), Mountain (2009), Seeking From (2010), Mashhad Ashoora Mourning (2010), Health (2009), Portrait (Varamin) 2009, Nouroz Logbook (2009), Hormozgan Ordibehesht (2009), Seeking Meaning (2011), Iran's Annual Call for Photos (2011), Mashhad National Photo Festival (2011), Fajr Mahshahr Port (2011), Uprising Red Frame (2011), Negah-ehSorkhAshora (2011), Mourning for Shahid Rajaei (2011), Women and Urban Life (2011), Mahriz "Women" (2011), Hormozgan Ordibehesht (2012), The Twelfth Iran Biennial Photo Festival, With Zanjan Ashoora (2012), Ashoora Moments (2012), Mashhad, Rozhan Photo Festival with Heat Approach, etc.